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Motherhood is this incredible, varied, whirlwind of an experience. It can feel like you’re doing everything at full speed, battling an endless jobs list, the nearest thing you get to self-care is going to the toilet on your own (which rarely happens for the record).  

It can feel like you’re coasting in your career or even stagnating. Hang on, what even is my career? You keep saying that at some point you’re going to do something different but feel guilty about, well, most things actually. Perhaps you should just be grateful for what you’ve got but deep down you’re fed up with feeling a bit like a passenger in your own life. 

The juggle is real.  

We live in a society and work in environments designed by and for men so no sh*t that we then face an uphill battle trying to fit our lives into systems that don’t support us. It’s like trying to force a key into the wrong lock.  

But we think things can be different and we're determined to be a part of creating change.  

We’re building an unstoppable tribe of women determined to show that you can have the career or other adventures you crave alongside a family. That it is possible to live life on your own terms. 

We’re gathering a group of women willing to get real, dig deep and be brave in discovering a different way. Women refusing to accept the judgement piled on us at every turn and determined to create the village we need to thrive.  

Details & What's Included

An ongoing programme of brilliant, relevant, accessible development - meaning that we can upskill on the stuff that is holding us back. 

Let's share the stories and experiences of those who are nailing it, come together to discuss the issues that really matter to us and also have a bit of fun. Do something which isn’t just about the kids for once! 

Not to mention that we’re building the most kick ass community of support (cheerleading and accountability at the ready) so that we can all achieve our truest potential. Yes that sounds a bit cliché but whether it’s writing a book, running a marathon or leading a big business we’ve all got talents and dreams that the world deserves to see! 

  • A live monthly session with an expert mentor – think topics like money mindset, digital wellbeing and career changing. 
  • Access to our Game Changers course – our tried and tested method for making amazing career / life changes. 
  • Full access to our curated calendar of virtual events – inspiring speakers, quarterly power up sessions (to check in on your goals), smaller gatherings.  
  • Be part of an incredible online community - a cooperative of women working together in a new, experimental way.  
  • A set of guides, tools and resources to support you in being on your game.  
  • All the above hosted in one single place, simple to use (away from Facebook) and fully flexible around your life.
  • First refusal on tickets for our other in person events throughout the year (additional costs may apply)  

Imagine getting really clear on exactly what you want to change about your life - so that rather than feeling a bit blah about work, or argh about the amount of stuff you have to do in a week (or hour) you feel a new sense of alignment. So that rather than notice yet another month has passed you by, you find yourself excited to tell friends, “I did THIS and THIS and THIS!”  

What would it be like to get that promotion or project you deserve, to start that business or say yes to some of the opportunities that are definitely out there waiting? 

Or likewise to say no to that extra work you shouldn’t be doing, challenge that decision that some barely competent man made in that meeting, apply for that flexible role. 

How would it feel to have more time to exercise, more time to speak to a partner or friends, more time to be with our kids, more time for ourselves full stop. To truly understand what it is you want and need to be happy and fulfilled and then to be achieving this on a daily basis.  

Now open to join!!!

What Others Have Said

I LOVE Guilty Mothers Club!

I completed the Game Changers course last year and can honestly say it’s changed my life! 

As a result I ended up negotiating a job share at work and am now in the process of a complete career change, something I would never have considered possible before doing this course.I also met an amazing group of women who have become a solid part of my Mum tribe. I can’t recommend it enough! 

Helen, Social Media Manager

It's revolutionary! 

It’s a journey, it reconnects what’s important and provides the structure and focus to work out how to move forward in both personal and professional areas of life. There is also a nurturing feel to it that makes it feel safe, approachable and achieveable.  

This is not like the other corporate development courses that your forget once your walk out the door. I really believe that this is the new way to work, it’s revolutionary

Ali, Library Manager

The whole experience was so positive!

The whole experience was just so positive for me, and sometimes when you are trying to plan your future moves in your own head that positivity is something that is very hard to bring to yourself. 

I can’t tell you how apprehensive I was, I am not one of life’s big sharers so the thought of bearing my inner battles to a group of strangers made me want to crawl back into my shell but everyone was lovely… the biggest thing for me was that it never felt like an exercise, more a discovery.

Sara, A wife, a mum, a maker.

Truly life changing!

A truly life changing course that has given me tools and techniques I can continue to apply to future goals and life events and will help me to continuously review and shape my existing game change. 

It has a clear and supportive way of reviewing values, skill set and potential goals and provides clear, practical and useful tools to help identify and deconstruct personal barriers to change.

Sarah, Counsillor and Psychotherapist

Although this is a brand new adventure, Guilty Mothers Club does have a track record we’re really proud of. 

We’ve had over 1000 women go through a workshop or course in the past three years and 100% of those surveyed (sounds a bit Les Dennis) said they would recommend the course to a friend. The majority of our customers come through word of mouth (yeyy, we love this fact) and we've also featured in places like the BBC, Huffington Post and at Pregnant Then Screwed Live amongst others. 

In the words of one previous attendee, “this is not just game changing, this is life changing”. With over 10 years experience in HR (leadership development) I know what works - this is not self-development as you might imagine it and it’s definitely not just about work either, this is a holistic solution where we create incredible experiences, look after our own wellbeing, advocate for each other and take real tangible steps forward.  

The juggle may well be real, we might have one hand on the career ladder and the other wiping someone’s bum, but let’s ditch the guilt, be upfront about what we want and need and not be held back.  

I genuienly think that could be pretty Game Changing!  

If you have any questions about anything at all to do with the membership then do get in touch - Alternatively I sooooo hope to speak to you on the other side.

Helen x

Now open to join!!!